House in Auvergne, Puy-de-Dome

Property sale, House  in Ambert

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Location: In a hamlet Number of rooms (excludes
halls, bathrooms and WCs):
Price of property for sale (Euros): 240000 Number of shower or bathrooms: 2
Minimum rental per week (Euros): 0 Number of WCs: 2
Condition: Good / habitable Property size (m2): 300
Local facilities include: Size of grounds (m2): 11000

Front of the house
South facing terrace
Living room
Master bedroom

View from terrace
New roof (320sqm)
Another bedroom

Description of House in Auvergne:
Authentic double maison de maitre, free standing on the edge of a friendly town.
Comes with grounds and large barn.
In the middle of the regional nature park Livradois Forez, right at the edge of the village, you find Les Grivoux. It is an authentic maison de maître, but double the usual size.
The house was built in 1678 and is in excellent condition. The base is very solid: the walls are in excess of one meter in thickness, built on a solid granite plate. The local contractor even has given a garantee of 100 years on the new roof in 2003!
All of the windows were replaced by hardwood ones with double glazing. These were painted end of 2009. Regular maintenance will take place in june.

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Ambert - Surrounding area:
he surroundings are calm : because the motor way is about an hour away in every direction, there is little to no 'accidental tourism' to be found. People that do come to walk, ride bikes, paranet, canoe or (in winter time) ski or langlauf, know exactly where they have to be.
The local populace is very friendly, although it can take some getting used to coming from an urban environment: if you ask someone a question and that person does not have an answer at the ready, neighbours, passers by and even encyclopedias will be consulted. In the shops, elaborate phone calls be held with other shops to localize a sought after product. You don't have to put energy in slowing down your pace here: it is a natural consequense!
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